Energy Conservation

Intelligent Energy Saving Lighting installed at Diageo PLC, Mallusk by REI Services LtdLegislation is increasingly driving the way we use energy in our buildings and rising fuel prices mean that there has never been a better time to find ways of improving our energy consumption by using the most up to date technology in advanced energy saving equipment.

  • Energy Analysing (Logging)


    REI Services hold two Fluke 1735 Power Logger energy analyser sets for logging of electrical supplies. This equipment will measure consumption, power factor, peaks and maximum demand over an agreed period with client. This information is then downloaded to a PC, with a detailed report printed out. We use this equipment to verify electricity supply companies metering equipment and also on behalf of consultants and clients to determine energy savings viable within an electrical installation.

  • Lighting Replacements and Controls


    Combining energy efficient light fittings with the latest technology (energy saving lamps and lighting controls) generates energy savings, maintenance savings and a reduction of carbon emissions. REI Services Ltd can carry out a survey of your existing premises and issue a report of recommendations or be involved in the design of a new build from the start

  • HVAC Replacements and Controls


    REI Services Ltd recognized a need for existing commercial buildings to upgrade their HVAC using the energy saving potential of advanced heating, cooling, ventilation and power generating equipment. Where a new commercial build is concerned, we would incorporate advanced air conditioning to provide energy efficiency with a comfortable internal environment. Existing buildings can have the HVAC systems regularly services with the addition to intelligent control equipment to reduce energy consumption.

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